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Free College Brochures / College Catalogs

The best way to find out about a college or a university is to study its (often) multimedia information material(s) because you get an insight into campus life, get virtual impressions about the campus through videos or vitual campus tours and get detailed information about courses and programs. You need to compare colleges and universities in order to make the right college choice so order free brochures of all your desired colleges and universities.

For US Students:
To our knowledge the most comprehensive college and university listing in the US that offers free brochure request options for all schools listed. The owner told us that more than 7.000 schools/departments are listed! You can narrow down these college lists by US State and name. The site has a very simple layout but therefore is very easy to use and browse through. If you do not want to explore colleges in detail, this site is probably the best to use in order to quickly choose colleges and universities of your choice and order free information by directly passing this info to the schools through an online form.
To our knowledge the most comprehensive graduate school listing in the US since all school infos of are already integrated! Almost 7.000 graduate schools and graduate departments are at your disposal - browse through them by name or by region or by more than 150 majors! Also, an individual search for certain degrees is possible so that you can narrow down the list of interesting graduate schools to a good handful.
This site should also be the most comprehensive colleges (and universities) listing in the US since almost 10.000 colleges and departments are listed. Browse through the long list by name, US State or by more than 150 majors and order free infos from all programs and schools listed. Free brochures and free catalogs of colleges and universities lay the foundation for the right choice of a school - it is your future so make sure you compare!

For International Students:
This site gives you some basic knowlede about studying in the United States and the application process, which is not really special but under "College Search" you will get a list of schools and colleges, that link to a profile and the option to request free information packages. Info packages will be sent out worldwide so it does not matter where you live. All schools listed welcome international students and want to increase international student population.

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